Alien Movie Press KitAlien Movie Press Kit
© 1979 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Limited Edition - $200.00 -

Newspaper Set A-1 - 20 8x10 black and white glossy production stills:
  • ACK-1 - The crew of the Nostromo
  • ACK-2 - Tom Skerritt as Dallas, Captain of the factory starship Nostromo
  • ACK-3 - John Hurt as Kane, the Nostromo's executive officer
  • ACK-4 - Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, the Nostromo's warrant officer, with Jones the cat
  • ACK-5 - Ian Holm as Ash, the science officer
  • ACK-6 - Veronica Cartwright as Lambert, the navigator
  • ACK-7 - Yaphet Kotto as Parker, the Nostromo's engineer
  • ACK-8 - Harry Dean Stanton as Brett, the Nostromo's engineering technician
  • ACK-10 - Parker and Kane awake from hypersleep
  • ACK-12 - Kane, Dallas, and Ash plan their descent on the uncharted planet
  • ACK-13 - Parker and Brett show Ripley the damage in the engine room
  • ACK-14 - Astronauts Dallas, Lambert, and Kane leave the Nostromo to search for the origin of the distress signal
  • ACK-17 - The three astronauts strugge over the rough terrain to the derelict ship
  • ACK-20 - Dallas, Lamber, and Kane approach the space jockey
  • ACK-23 - Dallas finds the source of the mysterious distress transmissions
  • ACK-24 - Lambert, Dallas, and Kane discover a passage to an underground chamber in the derelict ship
  • ACK-29 - Dallas and Lamber return to the Nostromo with the unconscious Kane
  • ACK-31 - Ripley, Parker, and Brett search for the alien
  • ACK-32 - Brett tries to catch the elusive cat, Jones
  • ACK-35 - Riplet tries to force Ash to help in the search for the alien
Assorted Typewritten Production Documents:
  • Production Information Guide (17 pp.)
  • Announcement Story (1 pp.)
  • Ridley Scott Directs Alien Biographical Feature (4 pp.)
  • H.R. Giger - the Man in Black Who's Riding a Nightmare to Fame and Fortune (5 pp.)
  • "Alien" Experience (4 pp.)
  • "Alien" and its Special Effects (3 pp.)
  • The Space Tug "Nostromo" - An Authentic Galactic Technological Wonder and a Movie Set to Remember (5 pp.)
  • Differences and Similarities (3 pp.)
  • Short Takes (4 pp.)
  • Cast (3 pp.)
  • Tom Skerritt: "A Kind of Therapy..." Biographical Feature (4 pp.)
  • John Hurt: Has Fame Come to Stay? Biographical Feature (3 pp.)
  • Sigourney Weaver MAkes Her Motion Picture Debut Biographical Feature (3 pp.)
  • Ian Holm: A Touch of Classical Biographical Feature (3 pp.)
  • Veronica Cartwright: Youthful Veteran Biographical Feature (3 pp.)
  • Yaphet Kotto: An Actor of Distinction Biographical Feature (4 pp.)
  • Harry Dean Stanton - A Natural Flair for Acting Biographical Feature (3 pp.)

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