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Living With the DeadIt's a rare book (and a special author) that presents something completely unique, and Living With the Dead is one such book. Imagine a world entirely out of time and place in which the residents of a mysterious city on the shore of an unknown sea journey down to the waterfront each morning to retrieve dead, but not decomposing, bodies - bodies that had been deposited on the wharves during the night by mysterious black ships. For reasons lost in the mists of time, they carry them off to their homes and businesses, placing the corpses wherever they find room: on chairs, in beds, standing against walls or piled in hallways. And for them, the living, there is no end to this waking nightmare...

Dark, strange, and ultimately surprising, this is a world you will not soon forget, and I suspect that - like me - it will intrigue you long after you close the cover. Stories like this one are why I read.
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Perdido Street StationBritish wunderkind China Mieville dazzles and astonishes in his remarkable Perdido Street Station. With influences ranging from Mervyn Peake and Jack Vance to M. John Harrison, Mieville creates a dark, rich, and bizarre world inhabited by one of the most unlikely collection of characters ever assembled in one novel, let alone one city. For, like fellow Brit Alan Campbell's splendid Scar Night, Mieville's sprawling story is set within an ancient, decaying city (in fact, there are other similarities between these two novels). Mieville's New Crobuzon is a city like few others.
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Spook CityPerennial horror fiction favorites Ramsey Campbell and Clive Barker are joined by fellow Liverpudlian Peter Atkins in Spook City, a collection of all of the weird tales by the three authors that are set in the city they each call home. Included are classics like 'Mackintosh Willy', 'The Man in the Underpass', and 'The Forbidden', along with nine others, plus a non-fiction piece by Campbell about their favorite city. I enjoyed this collection immensely, both the stories I knew and those I didn't. If you like tales both strange and macabre, and you wouldn't be here at Nightfall Books if you didn't, you'll love this wonderful look at the darker side of Liverpool.
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Scar Night by Alan CampbellPicture this: an ancient, crumbling city hangs suspended above a seemingly bottomless abyss on a series of gargantuan chains ... This is Deepgate, which lies at the heart of Campbell's world. The residents of this improbable city worship Lord Ulcis, the god of chains, and each month at the dark of the moon they are tormented by a demonic angel known as Carnival who flies over the rooftops searching for unwary victims.

The richly Victorian atmosphere in Campbell's story is palpable. For me, it was instantly reminiscent of my favorite works of literature in the English language; the Gormenghast novels of the great British fantasist Mervyn Peake

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